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  • Ardan Labs

    Offering customized on-site live training classes.

  • Gopher Guides

    Customized In-person, remote, and online training classes. Training for Developers by Developers.

  • Boss Sauce Creative

    Personalized or track-based Go training for teams.

  • Shiju Varghese

    On-site classroom training on Go and consulting on distributed systems architectures, in India.

  • Golang Warsaw #41 - Golang Poland #7 - Online  group photo

    Oct 29, 2020 · Warsaw, Poland

    Golang Warsaw #41 - Golang Poland #7 - Online

    Our goal is to share our software-development experience on any level from junior to senior. It is your stage. You can always start with 10 min talk. Let us know, whether we can support you.

    Our homepage with a list of previous talks and workshops: https://github.com/golangpoland/meetup_golang_warsaw

    You will find us also on (linked on our github):
    ▪ Twitter: https://twitter.com/golangwaw
    ▪ Slack: #poland-warsaw gophers.slack.com
    ▪ FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1278049882223829/
    ▪ LI: https://www.linkedin.com/company/golang-warsaw-meetup

    ps. The more source code the better in your talk :) It might be just few source files or --- the best --- a simple runnable project. We seek to encourage the community to go through your talk again, work with the code, and learn more on their own. We do not mind live demos :).

    pps. Share your slides and code. What is there for you? Fame, github stars, FB/LI likes, and feedback.

    Naszym celem jest dzielenie się wiedzą oraz doświadczeniem w zakresie programowania na każdym poziomie, od juniora do seniora. Scena należy do Ciebie! Zawsze możesz zacząć z 10 minutowym talkiem. Daj nam znać jeśli możemy Cię w jakikolwiek sposób pomóc.

    Chcemy, aby ten meetup należał do społeczności, cenimy sobie niezależność i zależy nam na utrzymaniu społecznego charakteru naszych spotkań.

    Nasza “strona główna” z listą poprzednich prelekcji i warsztatów jest github:

    Znajdziesz nas także na:
    ▪ Twitter: https://twitter.com/golangwaw
    ▪ Slack: #poland-warsaw gophers.slack.com
    ▪ FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1278049882223829/
    ▪ LI: https://www.linkedin.com/company/golang-warsaw-meetup

    ps. Im więcej kodu tym lepiej :) Może to być kilka plików źródłowych albo prosty projekt. Chcemy zachęcić społeczność do ponownego przejrzenia prelekcji oraz pracy z twoim kodem. Live Dema są mile widziane :)

    pps. Nie zapomnij podzielić się z nami swoją prezentacją i kodem źródłowym. Zyskasz na tym sławę, gwiazdki na githubie, lajki na FB/LI oraz feedback.

    ▪  Slack (primary): gophers.slack.com #poland-warsaw: @Kamil Pyrkosz , @Arek Noster , or @Wojciech
    * Email: Wojciech Barczyński - wb@hypatos.ai

  • Salesforce, Microservices, and Go - Oh my group photo

    Nov 3, 2020 · Lehi, UT USA

    Salesforce, Microservices, and Go - Oh my

    Join us on Slack!
    The Utah Go User Group (#UTGO) is a community of people interested in software development and Google's Go programming language (Golang). Everyone is welcome.  We currently meet in Lehi. To discuss and vote on topic ideas, go to https://github.com/forgeutah/utah-go

  • Contribution > OpenBoard Check-in group photo

    Nov 3, 2020 · Eugene, OR USA

    Contribution > OpenBoard Check-in

    All Gophers and curious software professionals are welcome to come discuss Go and related topics.
    Go is a Google-funded language for massively-scalable distributed systems that is statically typed and compiled. It has quickly stabilized and is running head-to-head with C++, Java, C#, etc. (The Computer Language Benchmarks Game - Go). However, a larger-than-expected portion of new Gophers is made up of dynamic/interpreted language users who tend to be seeking relief from the cruft in their current languages and/or a more clear future within the horizontally-growing landscape of modern computing.
    If you're building web apps, designing APIs, thrive on scalability, or you're simply curious about this fun new(ish) language, let's meetup.
    • More resources are available at www.euggo.org